Sparklers Class

This is a parent and tot program. During this class the parent assists the child with developing their locomotor skills, spatial awareness, listening skills, balance, and basic gymnastic skills. The parent, also, assists the child in overcoming their nervousness.

Dynamite Class (boys/girls)

In this program, the children improve their basic gymnastic skill development and begin the progressions for higher level skills on the events.


Both girls and boys participate in learning trampoline safety, body control, spatial awareness, basic skills, combining multiple skills a routine format and all the joys of the sport.

Rockets Program

This is a unique therapeutic gymnastics program for children with autism and other special needs. It incorporates sensory activities, social skills, language development and positive reinforcement while building self-esteem, flexibility, endurance and overall fitness. All classes are 1:1.

Firecrackers Class

The goal of this program is to teach the children how to follow directions, interact appropriately with other children, and learn how to follow a circuit. Throughout the program the children will learn progressive gymnastic skill development on all events.

Little/Big DAGS Class

Girls will work on progressive gymnastic skill development on all events. The goal is to improve self-confidence, balance, coordination and overall fitness through the activity of gymnastics.

Boys Fitness/Trampoline/Tumbling Class

This class is designed to assist boys in channeling their energy into a positive outlet. They will work on locomotor skills, coordination, strength and basic gymnastic skill development on floor and trampoline.