Lewis Rodriguez



   Dewitt Clinton HS graduate, Bronx, NYC


  • Competitive Gymnast at Dewitt HS.
  • Dancer for the New Group Dance Studios, NYC
  • Dancer for the Puerto Rican traveling theatre, NYC
  • Off Broadway theatre productions
  • Extra work in movies

Professional Accomplishments

  • Coaching children, ages 14 mos – 18 years for 40 years
  • 1985-1995 founded and co-owner CATS Gymnastics, Cheshire, CT.
  • 1987, 1988, 1989 took athletes to USSR for training and to learn their methodologies
  • At CATS: had many elite female artistic gymnasts, had gymnasts compete at USA Gymnastics Championships, USA classic, Pan American Games. Traveled internationally to Canada, Japan, and Sweden.
  • At DAG: developed a Women’s, Men’s and Trampoline and Tumbling competitive teams. Had a member of the Future Stars Men’s development National team 2008-2011. Attended national training camps at the OTC in Colorado Springs, CO. In 2012, Jump start trampoline National team member. In 2015 & 2016 had a member of the Elite Development Trampoline (EDP) team and 2017 two athletes qualified to EDP. 28 National Trampoline champions, 3 DMT National champions, & 1 Power Tumbling National champions
  • Women’s USA Gymnastics National Coach
  • Men’s USA Gymnastics National Coach
  • Trampoline and Tumbling National Coach
  • Clinician at Wendy Hilliard Foundation in Harlem, NYC; Nova Scotia team in Canada; USA Sports Academy in PA.; Taiso Gymnastics in Canada

Gym Responsibilities:

  • Head coach Competitive teams
  • Education of Instructors
  • Preschool, Girls class, and Boys class instructor

Jennifer Rodriquez



  • BS Psychology/Business degree –Albright College in Reading, Pa. graduated 1989
  • MA Therapeutic Recreation –NY University, graduated 1997

Athlete History:

  • Competitive gymnast, since the age of 6
  • Reached level 10 in USA Gymnastics

Professional Accomplishments:

  • Has been coaching for over 30 years
  • Director of Reading YMCA Gymnastic program-2 years
  • Head coach at Eastern Gymnastics Academy in NJ -5 years
  • Qualified athletes to USA Gymnastics TOPS National team-3years
  • USA Gymnastics Women’s National Coach
  • USA Gymnastics Trampoline and Tumbling National Coach
  • Clinician at Wendy Hilliard’s Foundation in Harlem, NYC; USA Sports Academy in PA. ; Taiso Gymnastics in Nova Scotia, Canada

Professional Employment History

  • TR intern at Klingberg Treatment center in New Britain, CT
  • TR specialist at Klingberg Treatment center in New Britain, CT
  • TR intern at Abbot Terrace Nursing home in Waterbury, CT
  • TR specialist at the Residential Institution Prevention program in Sussex, NJ
  • Consultant for Rutgers University-Cook College: taught business education to at risk youth.

Gym Responsibilities:

  • Office manager
  • Book keeping
  • Preschool, Girls, Trampoline and Tumbling and Rockets program Class instructor
  • Coach for Trampoline and Tumbling team
  • Personnel
  • Billing for State and City agencies

The Rodriguez Family

          Jennifer and Lewis are the proud parents of 4 children. They home-school and coach their children along with running their business. They have been featured on Day trips on Channel 3 and NBC Connecticut. Their goal is to compete in the 2024 and 2028 Olympics in Trampoline. This past year they achieved one of the Family Goals: 4 National Trampoline Champions. Two of their children are also employed at DAG. Katarina, age 16 and Natasha, age 15 are preschool and class instructors and pre-team and novice team assistant coaches.