Ramona Singh

Preschool & Class instructor & Xcel Team Coach

At age 7, I started recreation gymnastic classes at Dynamite Academy of Gymnastics.  I stayed in recreation classes for 2 years, then was invited to join the competitive Girl team.  I competed for 6 years, and throughout that time I met wonderful friends that I will cherish forever. We traveled as a team all over New England and parts of the North East of the USA.  I trained 4 days a week for 4 hours a day. I stopped competing at age 15 and became a recreation instructor and currently I am one of the Coaches for our Xcel Girls Team.

I am currently a Student at CCSU.

I am USAGA safety Certified.

Tammy Card

Rockets Program Director

I have my master’s degree in Special education. I have been a Special Education teacher for 25 years and has extensive training and experience working with children and young adults on the autism spectrum since 1996.  I started as a coach for the Rockets Program in 2007 and have been the Director since 2011.

Katarina Rodriguez

Preschool & Class Instructor

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Natasha Rodriguez

Preschool Instructor

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Aminah Tittle

Preschool & Class Instructor

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